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There is 7 Habits that you should know in order to become a highly-effective people, just check out this article!

HABIT I – BE PROACTIVE.  It is the habit of personal vision which means taking responsibility for our attitudes and actions.  Proactive people develop the ability to choose their responses to situations, making them more productive of their values and decisions than their moods or circumstances.  A key is to focus on the immediate circle of influence, not upon the larger circle of concern.

HABIT 2 – BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND. It is  the habit of personal leadership which means beginning each day with clear understanding of a desired direction and destination.  Effective people realize that things are created mentally before they are created physically.  They write a mission or purpose statement and use it as a frame of reference for making future decisions. (more…)

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Wanna be successfull in life? Then this eight commandments is a must-to-do:

MAKE TIME TO THINKit is the source of power.

MAKE TIME TO PLAYit is the key to freedom and relaxation.

MAKE TIME TO READit is the gateway to knowledge.

MAKE TIME TO WORSHIPit washes the dust of earth from your eyes.

MAKE TIME TO HELPno other happiness match this.

MAKE TIME TO LEAVEif you don’t, it will fade away.

MAKE TIME TO LAUGH AND PRAYthese are two things that lighten life’s load.

MAKE TIME TO PRAY TO GODHe is the source of everything.

From the Guardian of Truth

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